Field course in Ježevići, Croatia

As a part of our mandatory field course at Faculty of Science, Department of Biology (Zagreb), we went to Ježevići for a field course in both zoology (vertebrates) and botany.
We stayed for 5 days and explored many different sites and places, from (very small) parts of Dinara where we tried to catch Vipera ammodytes (and failed miserably) to visiting river springs of Krka and Cetina, and collecting plants at the forest near Plitvice Lakes.

Cetonia aurata (rose chafer) Photo by AnaB ❤


Field work and exploring is only my interest and a hobby – I don’t do this full time (nor do I want at this particular moment). I would also like to say that I managed to forget my camera at home; all the pictures are taken by cellphone cameras, so I apologize for the bad quality.

First stop of our trip was already mentioned plant collecting at Plitvice –  I am not so interested in plants per se, but I will post finished herbarium specimens after they are done 🙂

Diaea dorsata or Heriaeus hirtus, Thomisidae family (crab spiders) Photo by AnaB ❤

From that day on, we spent the days on many different locations such as the Krka water-spring and Krčić waterfall, where our assistants and professors were catching trouts, and we were running after lizards. Unfortunately, we only caught more plants.

Krka (water-spring)
Krka (water-spring)
Krčić (waterfall)
Krčić (waterfall)

We also went bird watching on multiple occasions and some of us set mice traps around (we caught two on 100 set traps, so I would consider that a success). On Dinara we were also looking for lizards and bats.

podarcis melisellensis - dalmatian wall lizard
Podarcis melisellensis (dalmatian wall lizard)
Part of Dinara

Furthermore, we visited Cetina water-spring which is also used as a source of bottled water appropriately called “Cetina.”

Cetina (water-spring)

However, my favourite time was spent with a small group at Peruča lake and surrounding ponds. We only spent less than an hour there, but it was productive and very peaceful.

Peruča lake
Peruča lake